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Patineh Sazan Fars was established in 1384 by using acknowledge of managers, and attempt of employees achieved to be as a largest and well-known company in field of producing cellulosic wall cover in Iran.
Patineh sazan Fars with high experience of production, successfully has obtained ISO_9001:2008 and also different certificates related to cellulosic wall cover by AMIR KABIR UNIVESITY.

With the aim of showing the advantages of cellulosic wall cover to respectful customers, this company impressively has attended more than 11 international paint, resin and composite fairs in Tehran and other cities:
  • International; paint, resins and composite fair was held in Tehran in Bahman of 1384 (January/Februrary2006) 
  • khordad 1385(May/June2006) in sari
  • Khordad 1385 (May/June 2006) in Isfahan.
  • Day 1385 (December2006/January 2007) in Tehran.
  • Khordad 1386 (May/June 2007) in Mashhad.
  • Ordibehesht 1386 (April/May 2007) in Tabriz.
  • Day 1386 (December 2007/January 2008) in Tehran.
  • Aban 1387 (October/November 2008) in Sanandaj.
  • Shahrivar 1388 (August/September 2009) in Khoramabad.
Also, in the ninth international paint resin composite in Tehran 1388 this company participated in two separated foreign and local currencies booths.
And as another proud of our company is, being rewarded for 5 times as top managers  of Iran in several conferences ,were   held at IRIB Int'l conference center,
The second seminar of top mangers of trade and industry  of Iran- 24 th September 2009
 on 1st Esfand of 1388 (20th March 2010) this company has been praised for one of the top managers of national Congress of Superior industries of the country, and succeed to gain the statue and appreciation board from high consultant of the president and the director of national central council of competition.
11th conference of Top Manager of construction of Iran-16 September 2010
17th conference of Top Manager of Iran -17 September2010
conference of Top Manager of Iran -28 July 2011
We  are also  honored to be a member of management association of Iran.
Briefly the most important  projects  that has been implemented by  our company  are    Industries University , sport federations such as Bow and Arrow, municipalities, interior area of Azadi Tower, administrative and residential areas of marine installations and …also need to mention that our company have implemented  some great projects  In Georgia.
As  we are  always looking  for developing  relations and trades with foreign countries (February /March 2009),our  managing director traveled to Kenya accompanied with a group of traders  and managers in Esfand  1387 and had meetings with Deputy prime minister , Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Housing and some other authorities of that country.
 In Ordibehesh 1388(April/May 2009)with high governmental delegation beside minister of commercial ministry and 170 traders  traveled to Ankara ,Istanbul to explore  investment opportunities between Iran and Turkey ,that resulted  to assignment  of  preferential trade pact  between  Ministers of commercial ministry of Iran and Turkey.
In Mehr of 1388 (September/October 2009) we have participated in the first international conference and exhibition of return, rebuild and investment opportunities in Afghanistan for reviewing the opportunities of market.

"The conference of top manager of industry and trading of Iran, IRIB International conference center, 24 sep 2009""11th conference of top managers of constructions of Iran, 16 sep 2010, IRIB international conference center""17th national conference of top managers of Iran, 19 sep 2010, IRIB international conference center""National conference of superior managers of industry, 20 feb 2010, IRIB international conference center"